Monday, September 7, 2015

"And suddenly we started to win." Salva opens his eyes and tells the modesty, innocence and pride disguised the click that changed life that made them rich. His four friends settle back, first shy before the journalist and then generous on the details of the history of the skunks, the frenetic journey of a group of five thirtysomething in six months has won almost a million euros betting on internet. Play clean, we guarantee, carved in the study of sports, preparation and courage. They found a method; and they jumped the banking.
Hack clash of clans 2015
«In two days we could win half of our salary in a year», has Salva, spokesman for the group. He apologizes for using a fictitious name, but does not want to be recognized. They reluctantly accepting the reportage photo shoot after chronic ensure your anonymity. Caretas ahead, quote in a floor of rental and no last names. Some of his relatives do not know their success nor their coworkers. They have been discreet with earnings, serene in spending, they say. Snacks to the mortgage, any signal for a car and a promising summer, gladly pocket. No more, for now. To some extent, they give the feeling of being overwhelmed by euro Jet that has fallen into their bank accounts, while they wrinkle the forehead thinking in the next statement of Hacienda, where his income will trigger. Proceeds from the game are thus taxed. There is no escape.

They are middle-class boys, academics and lovers of sport. Trade some, other. With girlfriend, singles and anyone thinking about wedding. Five colleagues who passed a few euros to play League matches on Saturday afternoons to create a thorough organization of work. They professionalized when they began to draw in green, positive balances. Nacho kicked off year and a half ago to take it seriously, after discovering that there were people earning a good living with bets online. It mileurista and fan of tennis since childhood, ran via Twitter with some specialists in different sports that sold fairly accurate forecasts. For 90 euros a month, these gurus supplied tracks. Appointments where it is worth playing because he had low risk of loss.

Nacho learned from experts to realize little by little that is worth by itself to detect where there were opportunities. In an output of Friday night revealed his four best friends that were doing well the things with the betting, which was stinging hits and that already got a bonus nearly evening your payroll clerk. Everyone heard attentive. Sounded them good, how do not. They were slowly entering the universe of serious gambling, the Lullaby of the Councils of Nacho. They formed a group of WhatsApp: the skunks. «We dividíamos work. One marked interesting matches another studying rivals reviewed previous clashes, and another compared the fees... Even we did in meteorology», Carlos details. Because each mobile fell gains (and also losses) from all over the planet, thanks to the undercard of global events that provide the large houses of game online. "We have given us good hosts. One day palmamos 10,000 euros with a double in El Salvador. Insurance that had traps'.
Hack for clash of clans
In your world rug have encountered great cancer of professional sports: the ahands of parties. Breaking them, who never gambled to surprises, out at tennis, basketball or football in lower categories, your method any shock during the meeting. It was there when he sounded the alarm, in that favorite that was faltering. Then we had to leave the bet, stop the bleeding, although already to lose touch. Better to save something to nothing. On the contrary, also. In their favor. Many times they have withdrawn earnings without the need to end the clash. Operators offer good figures if they detect that a player has hit the nail and your letter is going ahead. Then the skunks closed bets, not 100% of the prize, but with 70%, avoiding further shocks: injuries, a change of trend in the party, a makeshift workaround...

"Starts as a game, but it ends up hooking. You move a lot of money», said Nacho, which has most won in recent months, nearly 300,000 euros. Its initial investment was 600, just like their peers. Such benefit only could be achieved legally with a brutal hit in the stock market, to the Jordan Belfort. Maximum speculation.

Your mornings were stressful, attending work with an eye on the screen of mobile, always in the WhatsApp line if he had to leave by legs of any wager or enter in another. Also occasionally were to wake up early in the morning at the same time to play live at a party from another continent. «It hurt when we lost, but it was always already on earnings. It is adrenaline. But you were